Irreali Mirabilia - Emanuele Bai


photographer: Emanuele Bai

Incredibili mirabilia was created thinking to Magritte’s paintings, to the surreal movement and thin-king to the works of the gray photographer Rodney Smith.

The aim of tho work is to investigate the human’s mind and it’s faculty to create ambiguous and bewildering situations. This pictures are a dreamlike inside wishes and the most concealed fears of  everybody. Incredibili mirabilia has a great psychology implication which try to reveal some hidden and all encompassing faces of humans soul. These pictures are ambiguos on purpose, because for the author, photography is a window and also a mirror. It is a window because trough photography is it possible to see the world, doesn’t matter if real or not. Photography it is also a mirror to look into ourselves: depending from what tale you see in an picture you can learn something about you and your soul.