Decollage - Massimiliano Sitta

DÉCOLLAGE (a tribute to Mimmo Rotella)

photographer: Massimiliano Sitta

Décollage (a tribute to Mimmo Rotella) is a project that was born with the aim of creating in the viewer a reflection and a focus on the passage of time and the changing aesthetic views that our cities offer, starting from everyday's life.

My personal connotation of Décollage would be a "social collage" created by passing time, by natural consumption, able to evoke in the viewer's eye some highly topical issues such as discrimination between human beings based on gender, the development of affective relationships, the fame - success, past - present - future, human dance on society that is crumbling.

Each picture is "stolen from everyday life": the request for stop and look what at first glance may seem dirty and degraded, a sign of a city in decline, it really can be an important communicative moment that could stimulate deeper and careful reflections.

The question I asked myself before beginning this work was: what's talking the city to me? What is the "sensemaking" of the city through these images left to wear out over time? What are the codes that emerge? Are we facing simply to chaos / degradation, or are we observing a semantic redefinition that generates something new through consumption, overlapping layers, etc ..?